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Small Business Development in Longmont

I represented a small manufacturer that was interested in opening a facility in Longmont.  On the other hand the community was obviously interested in providing local Longmont employment.  Local jobs build a stronger community; keep wealth closer to home with local purchases helping other businesses.  The community as a whole gains the taxes paid, both property and sales.  In short, it is a win-win for everyone.

The task is always to find the middle ground between incentives available from the community and incentives sought by the manufacturer.

Numerous communities, small, medium and large, are competing for primary employers.  On the other hand these communities need to make reasoned decisions about the incentives they can provide.

My goal was to find that middle ground and mold it into an agreement that was acceptable to all concerned.  I am not a contractor, or an economist, or a planner.  What I was able to do was assemble the necessary resources and with their input, forge a reasonable compromise.

I am pleased to report that we succeeded.  The community and the manufacturer reached an agreement, property was purchased and the stage was set for construction.  Now we have to wait for the economy to turn around so the building can be built, people hired and plans turned into reality.