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Business Law, whether you’re going into business for the first time, restructuring an existing company, managing the day-to-day concerns of an established business, or buying or selling a business, the Bendelow Law Office LLC is a complete resource for all of your organization’s legal needs.

New Business Setup:Bendelow Law Office LLC will carefully explore, analyze, explain and discuss the choice of business entity with you and your advisors. We will help you select the most appropriate form of doing business. Upon selecting the most advantageous form of business entity, Bendelow Law Office LLC will prepare the documents necessary to properly establish your business, including the various filings required by administrative agencies.

Ongoing Legal Services:We offer established business owners the protection of having general legal counsel close at hand whenever the need arises. From buy/sell agreements, employment agreements, employee benefits and wage administration, business succession planning and strategies, to debt collection, business divorces and litigation, we’ll make sure your company’s business law interests are professionally and efficiently represented.

Compliance:Bendelow Law Office LLC offers an ongoing compliance program to corporations and limited liability entities, helping them insure that the required formalities of the business are observed and documented.

Closing Agents: Bendelow Law Office LLC serves as a closing agent for business owners and the professionals that represent them. We handle all aspects of the documentation of the sale and purchase of a business as an independent third party insuring that the agreed upon terms of the transaction are completed.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales and Dissolution:Businesses are continually evolving creatures. We can service your business’ legal needs through each transition. Whether such dynamics entail high growth, restructuring, acquisition of or merger with another company, selling or dissolving your business.

Business Finance:Bendelow Law Office LLC has the expertise and resources to represent you and your business clients in the myriad of transactions involved in today’s economy including asset securitization, corporate finance, loan documentation, asset based lending, equipment leasing, and financing mergers and acquisitions.