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Legal Services: Intellectual Property


We have helped individuals and companies in a wide range of goods and service industries register and successfully protect their trademarks, domain names and copyrights.

Trademarks:Our Intellectual property law division can handle all phases of federal and state registration, opposition, cancellation, litigation and enforcement procedures-and have negotiated, documented and litigated license agreements for millions of dollars in royalties.

Copyrights:Once we have secured copyright registration of your work, we provide counseling and enforcement services to you whenever a copyright ownership or infringement issue arises.

Domain Name Issues:While most of our clients secure domain name registration without our assistance, we provide advice as to the various complexities of choosing, owning transferring and protecting domain names. We address potential trademark issues that arise in the context of domain names and, when necessary, take our clients through the newly established domain name dispute resolution process.

Internet Businesses:Our Intellectual property law division can provide a wide range of legal services and advice regarding conducting business via the Internet. We specialize in electronic contracts for the sale of goods on the Internet, service agreements between Internet service providers and their customers, end user license agreements and electronic payment provisions. Included within our Internet business services is protection of your intellectual property.

Right of Publicity:We protect out clients from the unauthorized exploitation of their image without just compensation.