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Legal Services: Litigation Counsel

Litigation is the most complex area of law. You need not only an attorney, but a partner, to help you through litigation which is often contentious and involved, whether you are bringing the action or defending against one. For litigation counsel in Denver, Boulder and Longmont, the Bendelow Law Office has the real-world experience to guide you to a successful conclusion. And our record speaks for itself.

Litigation requires the ability to examine witnesses and make persuasive arguments in court. Above all, it requires knowledge—knowledge of case law, the court’s rules and statues, court documents and filing requirements, and a thorough understanding of the subject as it relates to your specific needs and concerns. As one of the premier litigation attorneys in the Denver, Boulder and Longmont area, Bendelow Law Office can break the process down step by step, and together we’ll develop a comprehensive strategy that takes all the features of the case into account.

Business or personal, small contract disagreement or high stakes real estate dispute, you can rely on Bendelow Law Office to provide thorough, personal, and aggressive representation of your case. When feasible, we seek non-judicial alternatives, and in fact we have developed a reputation as a well-respected arbitration attorney in Denver, Boulder and Longmont. But when we do go to court, rest assured we go to win.

Here’s some of what you can expect:

• Top-to-bottom assessment of your case, including strengths and weaknesses, the facts, and the law
• A successful litigation track record across all different types of litigation: from a few thousand dollars to well over a billion dollars, and from Colorado to California
• Specialty in all areas of commercial law: real estate, land use, contracts, and intellectual property law in Denver, Boulder and Longmont.
• Close contact throughout the trial, including a continual evaluation of our strategy and making sure you are apprised of all the developments in your case
• Strong championing of your cause, from discovery through to resolution by judge or jury

Don’t wait. Get your litigation started on the right foot by contacting Bendelow Law Office today.