Legal Services

Legal Services: General Counsel

Bendelow Law Office is guided by a few simple principles: listen to our clients, determine their problems, and find the best way to fix those problems. We’re all about solutions, and after 38 years of successful practice, we’ve gotten pretty good at it!

We offer a large range of Denver, Boulder and Longmont legal services in extremely diverse areas and subjects. Maybe it’s a contract or a prospective deal, or maybe you have a disagreement with a partner and need to negotiate an amicable (or not-so-amicable) split. Ted Bendelow is among the foremost business attorneys in the Denver, Boulder and Longmont area. Perhaps you have a need to litigate, or defend yourself from litigation. Bendelow Law Office has successfully served as litigation counsel for Denver, Boulder and Longmont clients for many, many years. Just consider a small sample of the kinds of legal services Mr. Bendelow can guide you through:

• Business plans
• Real estate law in Denver, Boulder and Longmont
• Bank loans
• Negotiations and arbitrations
• Construction law
• Trademarks and copyrights
• Denver, Boulder and Longmont water law
• Commercial litigations at the state and federal levels

From individuals to large corporations, and from simple matters to complex, multi-step litigation, Bendelow Law Office has proven itself as a trusted, efficient, and expert general counsel time and again. Schedule a consultation to address your own legal matter head on with an ally who will fight for you.

“Folks come to me because I solve problems. In 38 years of practice, I’ve dealt with virtually every situation. If a specialist in a particular subject is needed, I know where to find them and I monitor their work for both quality and cost. Folks come to me because I know what to do and I get it done at a reasonable cost. At Bendelow Law Office, individually and as a group, we embrace personal challenge, and it shows. It shows in the way we conduct our business, in the way we live our lives, and in where we choose to make our home.”

–Ted M. Bendelow