ditch and irrigation companies

Legal Services: Ditch & Irrigation Companies


It is reported that there are over 150 ditch and irrigation companies – just in Boulder County. We currently serve as general counsel to several of those companies, both large and small as well as companies in other Colorado counties. While water law is part of those efforts, we find that as general counsel the needs more commonly involve litigation, insurances, real estate, contracts and corporate law.

Through membership in a trade organization, attendance at specialized forums, and service as general counsel, we have developed the ability to provide a wide range of services to this specialized industry. As Colorado development puts pressure on finite water resources and non traditional uses of agricultural water, such as non potable irrigation increases, the range of issues addressed by ditch and irrigation companies has broadened enormously. Companies formed 100 years ago to provide water to farmers increasingly have to deal with municipalities buying shares and seeking to water lawns and provide water to more and more residents. As the field has become more complex, the range of skills we can provide has been of enormous assistance and others simply not experienced in the range of issues they have to now confront, almost on a daily basis.