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Copyright Law

Copyright Law is designed to protect those who use their creativity, ideas, or intellect to produce various forms of work which can include poems, music, literature, architecture, art, film, photography, or computer apps or programs, to name a few. Such law prohibits others from taking or using your work without consent and profiting from it. A Copyright, also known as Intellectual Property, should be registered for the owner to be protected under Copyright Laws.

The moment an intellectual work is created and produced in a “fixed” form, such as a written manuscript or a videotape, a Copyright automatically exists and is owned by the creator. While registering a copyright for your tangible work is not necessarily required, it is a good idea, especially if the need arises to pursue legal action for Copyright violation or infringement. Infringement occurs when one’s work is copied and used without the permission of the Copyright owner. That work is then used for financial gain. If the Copyright is registered, the violator can be sued for monetary damages by the owner of that Copyright.

An Intellectual Property, or Copyright Attorney can be advantageous when registering your Copyright or providing legal representation should your material be exploited. An experienced Copyright Attorney will have a thorough understanding of the necessary filings to legally register your Copyright, along with legal issues and court proceedings should a lawsuit arise. They can also provide legal counsel to those being accused of Copyright infringement.

Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office, LLC has been providing legal counsel, to include Intellectual Property, for over 46 years. Ted has proudly served Boulder, Denver, Longmont, and Northern Colorado with great success, representing a diverse group of clients and industries. Whether an individual needing advice on Copyright registration, or a large corporation seeking representation, Ted Bendelow’s knowledge and expertise in Intellectual Property Law is unsurpassed. Give the experienced team at Bendelow Law Office, LLC a call today!


There are many things to consider when it comes to starting a business in Colorado. From choosing a name to filing the necessary paperwork, the process of a business start-up can be quite overwhelming. One of the most important factors of the business to consider is how to promote the product or service being offered. Many business owners choose a Trademark to not only promote their business, but to differentiate their products or services from others in the marketplace. A Trademark, which can be a word, name, slogan, or symbol is basically a brand classified as Intellectual Property.

A Trademark can be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There are many regulations to comply with while filing in which the owner of the mark is responsible. Not only are there specific regulations to adhere to, the process of researching state and federally registered Trademarks and those trademarks that are not registered, can be quite tedious. While the USPTO only registers trademarks, it is up to the owner of the trademark to understand the application and registration process and to enforce the Trademark once registered, which is why it is imperative to hire a private trademark attorney with the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with the legalities pertaining to such marks.

Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office, LLC has been providing general counsel, to include Intellectual Property Law, for over 38 years. He has represented a client that had 54 trademarks. Ted understands the complex nature of Trademark law and has the experience to handle the legal hurdles that can arise during the Trademark registration process. He proudly offers his legal expertise in Trademark law in Boulder, Denver, Longmont and surrounding areas. From the USPTO application process to protecting the rights of your registered Trademark, Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office, LLC is a trusted, knowledgeable Trademark Attorney who is ready to work for you.

If you’re a business owner in Colorado and need a legal team to assist with a Trademark, contact the team at Bendelow Law Office, LLC.

Experienced Colorado Real Estate Attorney

When it comes to real estate law in Colorado, there is a variety of issues that can pertain to this specialized practice. It’s important to understand the complexities of real estate and property law, and as with any legal matter, proper representation makes all the difference in achieving a desired outcome. Whether you are an individual selling a property, a landlord needing a lease agreement, or a real estate development company with zoning disputes, Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office LLC has been providing his expertise in Boulder, Longmont, Denver and throughout Northern Colorado with proven success.

The diversity and complex nature of real estate and property law requires extensive knowledge and experience. From title services to construction claims, or insurance-related claims to property management contracts, Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office LLC is a dedicated and trusted real estate attorney who has been practicing law for decades.

Colorado Attorney Ted Bendelow specializes in:

Title Services: We work with title companies to secure reports, address policies, and review and confirm title status.

Real Estate Development: We assist the client with applications pertaining to property development. This includes addressing concerns that might arise from government agencies and neighborhood groups. We also negotiate conflict resolutions.

Homeowners Associations: Bendelow Law Office LLC works with developers to establish planned communities and assist with disputes that might occur between the association and its members.

Construction and Mechanics Lien Claims: Ted Bendelow has extensive knowledge of the construction process. If you need help filing a lien, or need to start the foreclosure process, our law office can assist you with issues that may arise throughout the various phases of construction. We also represent contractors and subcontractors in the many elements of construction, from contract negotiation to dispute resolution to litigation; from $10,000 contracts to $32,000,000 litigation.  We have seen it all.

Other Real Estate Matters: Leases preparation, boundary disputes, selling and buying of real estate, insurance issues, and inspection problems are just a few of the other areas of real estate services that Bendelow Law Office LLC covers.

If you live in Longmont, Boulder, Denver, or Northern Colorado and need an experienced real estate attorney for your real estate transactions, contact the trusted team at Bendelow Law Office LLC.

Business Law-Intellectual Property

The last blog talked about Patents and Trademarks. Before we move on, another comment about Trademarks. The Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has an extensive web site that allows the filing of a Trademark Application on line. Before going through the process (which is somewhat self-explanatory), I urge folks to find out if the proposed name to be trademarked is actually available.


There are two companies: Thompson and Thompson, and Corsearch, which will conduct a national search to find out whether there are other uses of the proposed name. Please understand that actual use is the strongest trademark and you may trademark a name, only to find that it is already being used somewhere, thereby minimizing if not defeating your trademark.
Also, the ability to trademark and the strength of the trademark depends heavily on the “strength” of the name: is it unique, generic, merely descriptive, fanciful? Has it acquired secondary meaning? What does the name identify-product, category? The word “Apple” cannot be trademark to name a fruit, but it can be used to identify a computer. It is a common name used in an uncommon way. There are many “tricks” to trademarking, so before you go online to file an application, and spend the non-refundable fees, it is a good idea to better understand the world of trademarks. We will move on the Copyrights, the Right of Publicity and Tradenames, next time.