Irrigation Ditch Company Attorney

Irrigation ditch companies acquire water rights and develop storage methods for surface water so that irrigation and other water needs can be met. In short, ditch companies play an important role in creating and maintaining elaborate ditch systems that bring water from the mountains to supply our farmlands, cities, and towns throughout Colorado.

Irrigation ditch and water laws in Colorado can be quite complex, with irrigation ditch companies requiring the legal representation of an experienced attorney. Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office is an Irrigation Ditch Company Attorney providing legal services for ditch companies throughout the Northern Colorado Front Range.

Ted Bendelow is a seasoned attorney with over 40 years in general practice. As an Irrigation Ditch Company Attorney, Ted fully understands the legal complexities of Colorado’s water rights and land use laws. His experience and legal services are valuable attributes for ditch companies seeking sound legal representation. Bendelow Law Office currently provides general legal counsel to some of the 150 irrigation ditch companies in Boulder County. Aside from his expertise in water rights and laws, Mr. Bendelow’s legal services for these ditch companies include:

Irrigation ditch companies are subject to a wide range of challenges in which legal representation is a necessity. Land use due to growth, municipalities requiring more water, government regulations, and other changes throughout the years have posed issues that warrant the need for an attorney who offers a multitude of legal skills and services for this specialized industry.

Bendelow Law Office has established the capability of providing a broad scope of legal services for irrigation ditch companies through attending specialized forums, trade organization membership, and general counsel. Our collection of skills pertaining to ditch companies and the challenges they may face at any given time have proven advantageous to the many ditch companies we have, or currently represent.

For irrigation ditch companies in Longmont, Boulder, or throughout the Colorado Front Range seeking the trusted representation of an Irrigation Ditch Company Attorney, contact Ted Bendelow at Bendelow Law Firm.