General Counsel Attorney, Boulder

When faced with a legal issue, one of the first questions you may ponder is who to call for legal advice and counsel. The challenges and complexities of law can be overwhelming, especially to those who aren’t ‘experienced’ in the field, so when confronted with a legal matter, it’s essential to partner with a seasoned attorney who can help.

Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office, LLC is an experienced attorney serving Boulder and the Northern Colorado Front Range. His expertise as a General Counsel Attorney spans over 40 years. Ted Bendelow believes in a strong client/attorney partnership. He will take the time to listen to his clients and assess their needs so that the best plan of action is determined. His experience includes an array of diverse legal subjects, so you can rest assured that you will be adequately advised and represented.

Ted and the team at Bendelow Law Office, LLC are capable of handling legal matters that range from contract negotiations to litigation. A selection of his legal expertise includes:

Trusting an attorney who can address your situation and provide sound advice and representation can make all the difference in the overall outcome of a legal issue. Whether a large corporate entity or an individual, Ted and the professionals at Bendelow Law Office, LLC have proven time and time again that, regardless of complexity or scope of the legal matter, they have the experience and know how to effectively guide you.

If you live in Boulder, Longmont, Denver, or in the neighboring communities and find yourself in need of a trusted General Counsel Attorney, call the legal team at Bendelow Law Office, LLC for a consultation. Don’t face legal issues alone, call Bendelow Law Office, LLC today.