Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation

Legal jargon can be quite confusion to those caught in the middle of a legal dispute. Facing legal action, whether plaintiff or defendant, can be stressful enough, much less trying to understand the terminology. If you find yourself in such a dispute, the first thing to do is to secure legal counsel, as an attorney is your best bet in guiding you through the legal process and offering legal advice to aid in your case. The second step would be to educate yourself on some of the more common legal terms that you are likely hear, a lot, throughout the dispute.


Mediation has become a very popular and successful way to resolve legal disputes. A third party, or mediator, who is neutral to the case is designated to assist the parties in coming to an agreement. While mediators are typically attorneys, they will not provide legal advice to either party. Mediation allows each party in the dispute to argue their position in an atmosphere that is more relaxed and offers the individuals an opportunity to negotiate a resolution that eliminates the need for expensive, costly litigation.


In the arbitration process, the disputing parties can agree to have one or more individuals hear their case, and thus, make a final decision based on the hearing. The arbitration process shares similarities to that of a trial but is not as formal or lengthy. Arbitration can be binding or non-binding.

  • Binding Arbitration – The decision is final and enforced by the courts. Appeals are very limited.
  • Non-binding Arbitration – The arbitrator’s decision must be accepted by both parties in dispute.


Litigation is, perhaps, the most formal and costly process of dispute resolution and is handled within the court system. Because a judge oversees this process, the outcome can be uncertain, making litigation unpredictable and stressful for the parties involved. In litigation, it’s essential to partner with a litigation attorney who understands the rules of the court, document filing requirements, and most of all, who can guide and represent you throughout the entire process.

Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office has extensive experience in litigation counsel. He has practiced law in Denver, Boulder, Longmont and throughout Northern Colorado for over 40 years. As a seasoned litigation attorney, Ted Bendelow will not only represent you in your legal dispute, he will be a partner throughout the entire process. With specialties ranging from contracts or real estate law, to land use and intellectual property law, Ted Bendelow has a proven track record in litigation, representing the largest of corporations and individuals, alike.

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