Legal Counsel for Employers, Boulder, CO

Colorado employment law is full of complexities, and for employers finding themselves in a situation that requires legal representation, it is imperative to choose the right employment law attorney who possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate through this ever so changing legal field. For employers seeking legal counsel in Boulder and throughout the Northern Colorado Front Range, that attorney is Ted Bendelow.

Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office LLC has practiced law as general counsel for over 4 decades. Along with his Juris Doctor in Law, Mr. Bendelow holds a master’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. His breadth of knowledge as an attorney combined with years of business experience provide a level of expertise as legal counsel for employers that is unmatched.  

Employers can be confronted with a host of legal challenges, necessitating the services of legal counsel to ensure they are adequately protected. Ted Bendelow offers representation to assist with various labor and employment issues, such as:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Severance Contracts
  • Employment Benefits
  • Benefit Terminations
  • Discrimination Complaints
  • Harassment Complaints
  • Wrongful Termination
  • EEOC Issues
  • Wage and Hour Law
  • Personnel Policies
  • Collective Bargaining Negotiations

Having represented employers in a variety of industries over the years, Mr. Bendelow understands and utilizes the resources and tools necessary to achieve a positive outcome. Whether legal disputes that require swift attention, ongoing legal support to assist with standard operations and procedures, or guidance to ensure that your company is in compliance with local, state, and federal laws, as legal counsel, Ted Bendelow we be more than just an attorney, he will be a formidable ally.

If you’re an employer in Boulder, Denver, Longmont or the surrounding areas and need the professional services of an experienced employment law attorney, Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office LLC provides legal counsel for employers you can trust. Contact Bendelow Law Office LLC to request a consultation today.