The Benefits of Retaining a Litigation Attorney for Your Business

Small businesses and large corporations can find themselves caught in a legal dispute at any given time, and while it might seem that retaining a litigation attorney is an unnecessary expense, lacking adequate representation when such legal matters arise can prove financially disastrous. An experienced litigation attorney can navigate you through the complexities of any legal complications you might face and help mitigate the costs associated with legal proceedings. To put it simply, the benefits of retaining a litigation attorney for your business far outweigh the alternative.


An experienced litigation attorney will have a full understanding of the legal processes pertaining to lawsuits and claims and will be better equipped with the knowledge and skills required to navigate through negotiations and court proceedings more effectively. Having the experience of a litigation attorney to represent your business can improve your odds of a favorable outcome.

Continuous Counsel

Establishing a professional relationship with a litigation attorney can be quite beneficial when future legal matters arise. Whether legal disputes, contract negotiations, or investment advice, when faced with any legal concern, having access to continuous counsel through a trusted partnership alleviates the stress of retaining an attorney on short notice.


Understanding litigation and the concepts of how this specialized area of law works allows your litigation attorney to adequately guide you through the legal processes and arm you with valuable information that can help protect your interests in the future.

Avoid Issues

Hiring a litigation attorney who can identify potential problems within your company and assist in correcting them can help you prevent and avoid similar issues that can create legal implications down the road.

Protect Your Business

The primary responsibility of a commercial litigation attorney is to safeguard you and your business by offering professional advice and legal services to mitigate the repercussions of legal disputes. A litigation attorney understands what’s at stake when a business faces lawsuits or claims, therefore, protecting the interests and reputation of that business is the attorney’s main objective.

Legal Resources

The resources needed to adequately support your legal case often require research that can take a lot of time and money to pursue. A professional litigation attorney, through his/her firm, has a staff who dedicates their time to accessing the resources needed to support your legal case.

The support of an experienced litigation attorney goes a long way in securing the financial well-being and integrity of any business faced with a lawsuit, and for businesses in Boulder, CO and throughout the Northern Colorado Front Range, that commercial litigation attorney is Ted Bendelow.

Ted Bendelow of Bendelow Law Office, LLC is a seasoned attorney with over 40 years’ experience as general counsel, with litigation counsel just one of his expertise. Mr. Bendelow’s extensive legal background and business experience enable him to utilize the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve favorable results for his clients.

If your small business or corporation is facing the challenges of a legal dispute and could use the expertise of a professional Litigation Attorney, contact Ted Bendelow at Bendelow Law Office, LLC. With over four decades of proven success in Boulder, CO and the surrounding areas, Ted Bendelow offers quality representation you can trust.